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Our services are designed to help you find a reputable payday lender to work with. iCashLoans has a large number of lenders in our network, and we are confident that we can assist you in obtaining the best payday loan to meet your needs.
Everyone hits a rough patch financially at some point, and payday loans are a great solution for short-term cash flow problems. You don’t have to worry about how you are going to pay an unexpected bill, or cover an emergency expense, between pay checks - iCashLoans is your source for finding payday loans.

Using iCashLoans is 100% free to you - we do not charge any fees for our services. When you use iCashLoans you will save time and money. All you have to do is provide us with basic information and we will instantly search our network of lenders to find you the loan that meets your needs.

At iCashLoans we pride ourselves on working with lenders that are fair and honest in their lending practices. Our main goal is to provide you with a great experience when searching for a payday lender. All lenders in our network are required by law to follow all of the rules and regulations related to payday lending.

Don’t drive around town to visit payday loan shops, and forget about looking at website after website trying to find a loan with fair terms. iCashLoans is the only place you need to go to find a payday loan. We will search our vast netowrk of lenders instantaneously to find you the loan that you are looking for.

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When you need cash quickly you want to work with a service that is reliable and experienced in the payday loan industry - iCashLoans is both. We pride ourselves on connecting our customers with the best payday lenders to meet their needs. Why waste time visiting dozens of websites trying to figure out which lender will serve you best? iCashLoans is the only site that you need to visit when you’re looking for a fast, secure payday loan.

We Are Dedicated To Keeping Your Information Safe

At iCashLoans we take keeping your personal information safe very seriously. Our site uses state of the art 256 bit SSL encryption protocol while handling your data. So many payday loan sites are either not secure, or are a front to steal sensitive information from you. The information that you provide to iCashLoans is transmitted safely and securely.

iCashLoans Gives You Options

When you use iCashLoans it is easy to see all of the payday loan options that are available to you. Looking at loans side by side makes it simple for you to compare, analyze, and select the loan that works best for you.

Our Service Helps You Find the Best Rates and Terms

Each one of the payday lenders in our network wants you as a customer, and they know that when you use iCashLoans you will have many options when it comes to lenders. This fact makes the lenders compete for your business, which results in lower interest rates, and better loan terms. You won’t get these advantages anywhere else!

You Will Get Your Money Fast

We know that when you are looking for a payday loan you need funds fast. Our service is designed to quickly match you with a lender, making it possible to get your money as quickly as possible. You don’t have to spend time driving to a payday loan store, nor do you need to waste time searching the internet for a payday loan provider.

What to Do When You Can't Repay a Payday Loan

Payday loans are big news these days. It's no secret that payday loans are not designed for long-term or frequent use. The name says it all: a payday loan is aimed at tiding you over with an unexpected bill or payment and the point is to pay it all back as soon as you are paid yourself.
The interest rates on these loans are very high, so prolonging your payments isn't really a good idea as you will end up paying back a lot more than you borrowed in the first instance.
You may take out a payday loan in good faith and then find you are hit with another big or unexpected payment which means your salary isn't enough to cover your loan repayment. Firstly, you could speak to a financial adviser to find out the best way to repay or extend your loan. Some loan companies will have advice lines, or you could speak to an independent adviser. They can look at your individual circumstances and offer you guidance as to the best routes. Non-payment of a loan can sometimes affect your credit rating, so you need to keep the loan company informed at all times and in many cases they will offer you alternatives so your credit score is unaffected. It is really important to prove that you are willing to pay off your loan and that you are open to suggestions, lack of cooperation on your part can sometimes lead to the loan company asking their debt collection agency to retrieve the debt.
Whatever your circumstances, do not be tempted to take out another payday loan in order to cover your first. This is how debt can easily spiral out of control and you will end up racking up large fees and interest payments on top of the loan amount. You can, however, extend your loan with your current lender, who will make sure that you are given a suitable credit limit to avoid plunging yourself into unmanageable debt.

Some Strategies for Paying Off Your Payday Loan Debt

Here are some strategies you can employ to immediately or gradually settle your payday loan debt:
Sign up for payday loan consolidation. This credit program allows consumers to merge or consolidate all their existing loans into just one account.
What's good about this loan is that it will allow you to generate huge savings on interest. After all, instead of paying widely-varying rates of interest over several credit accounts, you can lock-in a single and significantly lower interest rate on your consolidation loan.

Negotiate with your creditor. Have you tried haggling with your lender for a lower interest rate or for an extension of your payment term? Make sure that your request for a lower rate of interest, or for a longer payment term, is within the acceptable and reasonable range of rates and terms offered in the market. Cut unnecessary items from your budget. In some cases, cutting unnecessary products and services from your budget can be instrumental for you to meet the payment schedule imposed on your credit account. After all, such decision can free up substantial funds you can use for settling your debt, once and for all.
Just be careful that you don't cut important and necessary purchases and bills from your financial plan. Otherwise, you might eventually suffer the consequences of a hasty decision.
Seek professional assistance, right away. If this is the first time you felt overwhelmed by your financial obligations you cannot seem to come up with an effective method for settling your debt then, it might be best to seek assistance from a certified finance expert. After all, these professionals are armed with several years of experience, which they can use in helping you find a suitable solution to your credit problem. In fact, they can provide you with tools that will help you repay your dues, without incurring pesky fees and charges.
Still, you should remember that credit repair services today tend to be costly. That way, you can soon emerge victorious from your battle against your payday loan debt, without spending a great deal of cash on service charges.

Applying for Short Term Loans

What are short term loans? These loans are ideal for people who are dealing with a financial emergency and need money immediately but are not able to wait until their next paycheck. You really never know when an emergency situation could occur where money would be needed. 

For people who simply do not have the money, a short term loan can be a huge help. So how do you apply for these kinds of loans? You can apply for short term loans online. How Do I Apply for a Loan?
Applying for a loan like this is actually quite a simple process. The first step is to find short term loan lenders. There are many loan lender websites available online. Before you fill out the application, you must make sure that you meet the specific requirements for applying for a loan. Some of the information includes your name, city and state in which you reside, social security number, monthly income, and the name of your employer. This information allows the lenders to find out more about who you are and to also ensure that you are employed so that you can pay the short term loan back after a certain period of time. If you have filled out the application with accurate information and meet all requirements, you will likely receive approval for the loan that you want and need.
So what happens after you are approved for the loan? Upon receiving approval for the loan, you will hear from the lenders, who may ask for information on your checking account. The lenders ask for this information so that they can direct deposit the funds into your account. The lenders usually add the funds to your bank account on the following business day from the day that your application was approved so that you never have to wait for the money you need. 

Why People Take a Loan

Banks usually offer different types of loans for different needs of borrowers. Few of the specific reasons for which people take a loan have been discussed below:

In today's environment each and every individual is facing cash crisis due to rising expense. This situation has created a gap between income and expense and therefore the common experience of cash shortage.
In this situation, at time people need cash to meet even the day to day and basic needs. To meet medical emergency
For debt consolidation
Since today everybody is facing the pinch of an unpredictable economy, people resort to borrowing multiple loans to meet their various needs. However managing the repayment of multiple loans becomes a difficult task for most of the people. Therefore today people borrow a fresh loan of higher amount to consolidate many small loans. To meet cosmetic surgical needs
Loans for business needs
Meeting business needs is again one of the most common reasons for which people borrow loans. Today not only established business people choose to borrow money to meet their short term needs but also those who have just started their business opt for loans to meet their diverse needs.
Having discussed the reasons behind borrowing money, you should also know the various components of loans.
Components of a loan
There are three major parts of any type of loan: a principal, which is the amount of money borrowed, the time of repayment, by which the borrower must repay the money, and the rate of interest. Rights and Duty of the borrower
While taking a loan, one must be careful to avoid unauthorized lenders that put the borrower in a compromising position, or ask for high interest that make repayment difficult. At the same time, as a borrower it is your duty to provide correct financial information and repay loans on time.
To conclude, today people borrow loans for many diverse reasons that range from personal needs to business requirements. However when you borrow loans, you must be aware of your rights and duties. One of the most important duties is to repay the loan as per repayment schedule.

Is A Payday Loan A Debt Trap?

Credit cards, car loans, or borrowing from friends can make us feel like we are stuck in a financial black hole. A payday loan can make us feel the same way if we aren't careful.

What is a payday loan anyway? It's an unsecured loan that is short-term and doesn't require the borrower to have good credit or any credit for that matter. Payday loans, also called "cash advances" have become quite popular over the years because they are easy to obtain with a fast approval and funding process. If you have a job, are over 18, get your paycheck deposited directly into your checking account and meet the lender's minimum income qualifications, chances are you will be approved for one of these quick cash loans.
Allright; the approval and funding part is easy but what about the part where you have to pay it back? Repayment terms for these types of loans are different than those of a personal loan with a bank, a cash advance on a credit card, or any other type of installment credit. Payday lenders will want you to pay them back with the paycheck you receive right after you borrow from them.
The lender will automatically withdraw your payment from your bank account which is why they require that you have direct deposit. In the event that you cannot make payment in full to your payday loan lender you will need to extend your loan. This is called a "rollover" which means you will have more time to pay, but will be charged high fees and interest as a result. So what started out to be a $200 loan could cost you twice that much once all is said and done and you have repaid your loan. Taking out a payday loan should be a solution to a temporary, short-term budgeting problem; not a debt trap.

Bad Credit Loans and Some Ways to Recover Your Financial

Bad credit loans record can happen to anyone. It can happen not only to those who have low income but also to those who a have a good regular monthly income. Bad credit can happen because of various things. Those who have bad credits may have been trapped in a large amount of credits.
You may experience bad credits as well. You may have done necessary things to recover your recover, including do the debts consolidation. However, none of them work. What will you do in the situation?

Careful Budgeting
No one wants to be in a situation where they have lot debts, including you. That is why, before you stuck in a situation where you can pay your monthly bill, it is better for you to arrange your budget carefully. When you want to apply for a loan, you must convince yourself that you must be able to repay your debts. You need to apply certain techniques for paying the monthly bill. You must make sure that your income is enough to pay all of your debts. Visit a financial consultant to help you rearrange your budget.

Know the Type of Loan Before Applying
You should also know that there are a lot of types of loans. Of course, every loan will fit differently for each person. There is no loan that will fix all the debts problems; the loan will just help you out of problem. That is why, you need to look at different types of loans that will tailor your financial need. Here are the solutions that you can do:
  • Find a strong firm with the best offers.
  • Learn the conditions of the loans.
  • Learn whether you satisfy the requirements for the loans or not.
Learning the conditions of the loan carefully and your ability to pay back the loans will help you go out of your financial problems.

Lending the Money from a Reliable Source
You may have no other choice but lending some money. It is not a bad idea anyway if you want to settle your financial problem. As long as you select a reliable source, it will not a bad idea to lend some money from the source. That is why, the first step for you to do is to find a well-established loan company, and apply for loans that can cover all your needs. Tell them the situation you have, and the bad credit loans record will no longer a problem for you. 

How to Get a Quick Home Loan Approval

The loan application process is the pits. If you don't have everything right on your application for a home loan, then you have to repackage and resubmit. Again and again you have to submit if you keep missing little details. It can be mind-numbing and disheartening, not to mention a huge waste of time. 

There is a list of items that you NEED to have in order to properly submit your application. All your ducks must be in a row in order for this process to go smoothly. And these items slightly vary depending on the loan you are applying for. But for most loans you need a lot of the same items to the same specifications and accuracy.
The home loan approval process will go nowhere without this. If you are self-employed or make more than 1/4 of your income via commission, then you must submit your federal tax return for review as well.
Next are asset and credit items. Banks statements for past 2 months, stock statements, anything that can be considered a financial asset, even gifts from family and employers. Credit lines are also a needed listing when applying for a home loan. Even the smallest line of credit must be listed. Late payments, charge-offs, etc must be there. They may not disqualify you at all from receiving the loan, but failure to list them will definitely get you nowhere fast. Little things like child support receipts are something a lot of people miss.
To quickly go over specifics per loan type, FHA loans need copy of social security card and your driver's license if you have one and a VA loan requires a copy of your DD214 Forms. Make sure you have everything on that list, go over each document requirement with your broker, banker, or loan officer and then submit your application.

How to Get a Business Loan With No Money Down

Any small business owner would agree that getting a business loan with no money down can really help get the necessary funds need to successfully run the business. The money may be needed to acquire new inventory or tools and machinery needed for effective business operations.
If you fall in that group, instead of using your personal money to run the business, you can consider getting a loan, whilst you work the business to make profit. There are a lot of banks and other financial institutions that offer loans that do not need a down payment to business people. Use these 5 tips when applying for a business loan with no money down.
Have a Detailed Business Plan.
When it comes to getting a loan for a business, many lenders if not all, would like to see a detailed business plan before they even think about approving your loan application if you are applying with no money down.
Your Personal Credit Score.
An excellent credit score is required in order to obtain a business loan with no money down. One of the factors lenders use to determine whether you can pay back the business loan you are taking is your credit rating. With a no money down business loan, some lenders would ask you to provide an asset as a collateral. With a collateral the bank will consider your application for a no-money-down business loan.
If your credit score is not good, having a co-signer with a good credit score will increase your chances of getting a business loan with no-money-down approved.
 Interest Rates Comparison.
Compare interest rates of various lenders you intend to borrow money from. If your business needs cash injection, consider getting a business loan with no-money down, is the way to go.